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Pay Per Click is a great tool if used properly. It’s a bit like eating with a fork, you take it for granted, but if it was taken away, you would be completely lost without it. It’s a great way to make sure people always directly see your brand, whenever they are searching specifically for something that you want them to associate your brand with. Whether it’s to drive sales, or simply traffic, PPC is the best friend you never knew you had.

We pride ourselves on our keyword analysis. This expertise allows us to pinpoint exactly where to target your brand. We will essentially make your brand, and the customer meet each other everywhere they go as if it were fate. To go along with our on page analytical expertise, we also team these with our incredible design team, so we can optimise your site, to create the perfect link from ad copy to landing page. In PPC it’s our attention to detail that makes all the difference.


Everybody loves a good bit of Social Media, from sharing the latest video of a cat doing a hand stand round the office via Facebook, to the teenage girl, asking the entire of One Direction to marry her via Twitter….at least 5 times a day. Love it or hate it, the line between reality and a virtual social world is becoming more and more blurred, and the more we cross over with the help of tablets and smartphones, the more your brand needs to be at the forefront of this social change.

Used effectively, social media can be the ultimate gateway to a personal relationship with your audience. You could see engagement levels sore to unbelievable highs. All you need is amazing, instant, interactive and shareable ideas. Simple right? Wrong! Building your brand via social channels takes time, dedication and planning. But, fear not, that is where the trusty Media Folk come in to things.


Google is the revered king of the Internet (besides your brand of course), and as such you always want to be on the right side of things. Aiming high on search rankings can mean the difference in millions of pounds in sales, and help build a far greater brand visibility.

Here at The Media Folk, we will organically, and competently grow your search rankings, which in turn will boost that brand visibility that is so essential in the modern market place. We are honest, and straight down the line, and we will only recommend and implement solutions we feel are actually necessary. This way, we can do what is required, and do it well. Our skills aren’t so amazing because of voodoo magic (although we have tried once), it’s actually built from the amazing team, and the individual skill, talent, and knowledge base each person has within them.

The Media Folk

The digital age is rather a fickle mistress, and we are your humble guides through the process of learning your SEO from your CEO. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all Amish, and we are not all covered in beards. But, what is true, is the fact we are just an ordinary bunch of folks, with an extra ordinary talent of building award winning digital campaigns. Whether you need a complete digital overhaul, or simply a fresh, new creative campaign, we will roll our sleeves up, and get stuck in, so you can sit back and watch the magic happen.

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